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Why you should consider a
Cause Marketing partnership
with Rescue11 and become a
defender of the children.

Cause marketing is a strategy that involves a commercial business supporting a nonprofit
organization or charitable cause to bolster its corporate social responsibility and encourage
customer loyalty. It also benefits the nonprofit by increasing brand awareness and driving
donations for a worthy cause.

Cause marketing (or cause-related marketing) is when a for-profit company partners with a
nonprofit or charitable organization to support an initiative through a public campaign. A
commercial business may partner with a nonprofit to support a social cause by donating a
portion of each transaction to charity or promoting the cause with social media marketing.
Another example of cause marketing is when a company launches a “buy one, give one”
campaign where it donates one product to those in need for each item purchased.

Cause-related marketing differs from corporate philanthropy in that the marketing strategy
aims to get customers involved in the effort rather than the company offering sponsorship
or making a tax-deductible contribution alone.

Benefits of Cause Marketing
In cause-related marketing, successful campaigns benefit both parties. Cause marketing can:

1. Improve corporate image: A cause marketing campaign is a public relations strategy

that helps a small business or large company improve its brand image to increase custom-
er retention. When a company supports a charitable cause, it may track brand loyalty within

its target audience as a performance metric of the campaign.

2. Increase corporate social responsibility: Businesses develop a cause marketing strategy
to increase corporate giving and become involved with a good cause while also achieving
long-term goals like sustainability.

3. Raise awareness for both parties: When a for-profit company collaborates with a non-
profit partner, the goal is to increase brand awareness for both parties. For example, the

partners can share messages with their respective email marketing subscribers for their
mutual benefit, introducing each other to their audiences.

Tips for Launching Cause Marketing Campaigns
Follow these steps to develop your cause marketing plan:

1. Uncover the opportunity: Explore how a partnership with Rescue11and the social issue

of protecting our children from predators can increase company moral enhance your com-
pany mission. Also investigate if the initiative is one your target audience cares about and

wants to support.

2. Define your contribution: Consider your budget and bottom line to help determine the
resources you can give to the cause. Decide if you will donate a portion of sales, products,
or services.

3. Plan your marketing efforts: Identify how you will share the cause-related marketing
campaign with your audience and your partner’s followers. Display the partnership on your
landing page and social media accounts, and ask your nonprofit partner to cross-promote
on their channels.

4. Include your audience. Motivate your audience to support the cause with you to help
increase engagement and customer loyalty. Consider asking your audience to share their

support of the fundraiser on social media or offer other benefits, like discounts, if your cus-
tomer makes an additional charitable donation to the cause.

Let’s explore how we can help your company.


people made aware of how to protect
their community against the predators
who prey on their children




Our cause helps our community defend our children who live in our neighborhoods. We have
partnered with Rescue11 to raise awareness to how these predators target our kids, and what
we can do about it. We have chosen to leave our community a better place than what we find
it in, and become a voice to the voiceless children who are controlled, threatened and abused.

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