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We are the
adults who are
the voice for
the voiceless.

Please help us protect
your community against
the predators who prey
on our children.


Your donation helps us educate your
community about the preditor’s
tactics in our collective fight against
this enemy who wakes up daily
plotting how to destroy our children.

It can be uncomfortable or hard to conceive, but
consider if you would. We, adults, are the voice for all
the abused children who cannot speak up for many
reasons. The time of passivity is past. We must battle
against this great plague of abuse, or through
complacency; we will contribute to this evil.

We start by setting up a local Rescue11 Club run by
local community residents, and supported by us.

Where your donations go.

We work with the Mayor’s office to bring this public
safety message to the community.

Within a community, we present and educate people
on the tactics and dangers these predators use against
your community, how they get to the children, and why
children are so desirable to them.

We reach out to as many organizations as possible
such as government, law enforcement, psychologists,
psychiatrists, therapists, religious, non-profits, schools,
and local businesses.

We send our monthly newsletter to the community
with information, updates, and opportunities to help
recognize the pedophiles and child molesters in their

We provide a library of resources for adults, teens, kids,
and several help line numbers to call for assistance.

Corporate partnerships

As a business in the community, become a defender
of the children who live in your neighborhoods.

Partner with us to raise awareness to how these pred-
ators target our kids, and what we can do about it.

Help us leave our communities a better place than
what we find them in, and become a voice to the
voiceless children who are controlled, threatened and

Jimmi’s story

In my new book HEAL, I use my art and stories to
describe my journey through the horrors of extreme
childhood abuse and the painful yet magical healing

process. I speak about pushing through your fears, fac-
ing your dragons, and conquering life’s fate. You can

turn any level of trauma into power. Fight for a cause,
and give your life more purpose on the heels of and
during your healing.

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